iPaint Mobile: Start finger painting on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch today

iPaint Mobile Quick Glance

iPaint Mobile Setup

iPaint iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad version is not really a "native" apple app which usually developed using Objective-C. It is actually a native-feeling iOS apps developed using HTML5 and JavaScript. So it is still a web-based application but you won't feel the different when using it on your device.

To start using it, you need open your Sarafi browser on your phone, and in the address box, enter the following link (or just tab the link if you are watching this site on your iPhone):


After that you should see something similar to the following screenshot:

Now all you need to do is tab the icon on your iphone and choose "Add to Home Screen", give application a name 'iPaint', You will see this icon appears on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Now tab the icon and enjoy your finger painting/sharing with friends.